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About Us

Why do we exist?

Our Mission

Here at Unearth, we are invested in helping you discover your true potential, inside and out. Unearth was created as a platform to affect social and personal change through outreach projects, philanthropic endeavors, and of course, beauty products. The organisations we support vary monthly, but our dedication to supporting women worldwide will always be at the forefront of everything we do. That's why 10% of every order will always go towards keeping girls in school around the world, regardless of what other causes we are supporting.

Our Values

Keeping it Minimal

Here at Unearth, we make one and done products to keep your routine simple. No gimmicks or fancy ingredients just for marketing- we make products that work.

Our Values

Healthy is Beautiful

We aim to encourage our customers to find beauty in their healthiest self, and reject harmful beauty trends and standards.

Our Values

Dedication to Fulfilling Potential

We are dedicated to fulfilling the potential of our consumers, our brand, and the people we have the ability to support.

Our Values

Encouraging a Strong Sense of Self

Here at Unearth, we know that embracing your beauty goes hand in hand with embracing your identity. We vow to support you in every way we can and ensure that you feel seen, included, and valued here.

Our Ingredients

We use only the most effective natural ingredients that Earth has to offer. We’ve tried and tested a wide variety of concoctions, and presented you with only the best. Each product is made from the finest quality, ethically sourced ingredients, and yes- they WORK. 

Your Safety

We could add fragrances and sulfates for an artificial feel, but we believe if an ingredient doesn’t contribute to the efficiency of the product or the health of your features, then they have no place in the formula. The safety and integrity of your features come first.

Our Story

With 8 billion people on Earth, and countless genetic variations existing at one time, why have we only allowed a handful of those variations to be considered beautiful?

Why do we idolise "beauty" we cannot possibly attain? Whatever the reason, the beauty industry has made billions leeching off of insecurities, and encouraging people to alter their natural features they were blessed with.

Unearth was made off the premises that your body was not made to be altered to fit trends. We want you to be proud of the knowledge that your features derived from billions of years of rich history. You are a living work of art that has taken the entire lifespan of the Earth to create.

Anything we make here is to enhance, repair, and nurture your already beautiful features.